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Background and Art Practice:

In terms of my background, I received my B.F.A. in 1990, relocated to Vancouver and became a member of a professional printmaking cooperative.  Over the next twelve years, I pursued my studio practice and built my professional artistic career participating in national and international exhibitions.  While working on Granville Island, in Vancouver, I acquired a multitude of artistic printmaking techniques, by working amongst approximately seventy professional printmakers.  In addition to my printmaking background, I have a strong sense of 3D applications through the incorporation of dimensional aspects, objects and the utilization of space within my work through installation - based projects.

In 2001, I moved back to Calgary, completed a Master of Fine Arts in 2003 and set up my own print studio where I continue to create art and collaborate with other artists.  In terms of my studio practice, I continue to develop and utilize my skills in a variety of disciplines that include painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography and digital technologies.  Working as a custom jewellery designer for over nine years, showcases the diverse talents I own.  It was an excellent opportunity to further develop my 3D designing skills, as part of my role as a jewellery designer was to use a rhino based 3D-modelling program to design and mill jewellery components.


I have taught courses at the University of Calgary, Red Deer College and Dundarave Print Workshop.  In 2014, I lectured and taught a workshop at ISA University of Arts in Havana, Cuba as well focused on research for a new body of work.  I continued to travel to Cuba making incredible connections within the artist community.  The opportunity to teach at the North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre (NMPAC), with its diversity in the art courses offered, the exceptional facilities and the Centre represents a group of talented art instructors offering well-rounded classes.


Custom Jewellery Design


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